What Is PPC Management? (And How To Succeed)

What Is PPC Management? (And How To Succeed)

What Is PPC Management? (And How To Succeed)

Welcome to the online realm of PPC management, also known as pay per click management. This guide is designed to enlighten you about PPC campaigns, which deploy online advertisements on platforms like Google and Bing.

Written By

Adrien Martin

Co-Founder @ PHUELED

Written By

Adrien Martin

Co-Founder @ PHUELED

What Is PPC Management?

PPC Management is when a business, typically a marketing agency, helps you manage ad campaigns across platforms like Google and Bing Ads.

1. Understanding Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC advertising, or pay per click advertising, is a method where a business executes marketing campaigns on platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search platforms. The objective of these ads is to encourage people to click and directly visit a website for making a purchase or submitting a form.

Success in PPC advertising requires a strategic approach to budgeting, ensuring that the money invested in PPC campaigns generates a return greater than the initial ad spend. It's about being savvy with your spending to ensure that the ads contribute positively to the overall financial performance of the business.

2. The Role of PPC Agencies In Online Advertising

Achieving success online can be challenging, especially with platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, which are not beginner-friendly, making it difficult to spend your budget effectively. This is where the expertise of a marketing agency, like PHUELED, becomes invaluable.

As one of the top PPC agencies with a focus on high-speed growth for your brand, PHUELED provides you with assistance from seasoned experts who can navigate through the intricacies and potential pitfalls of Google Ads. Make sure the agency you are looking to do business with offers marketing services for search, sometimes called search engine marketing, google ads marketing or ppc services.

3. Crafting Effective Ad Campaigns With Help From A PPC Agency

Crafting compelling ads is a vital element of PPC management. This includes carefully choosing words, crafting messages that resonate with your audience, and ensuring that the landing page visitors encounter is captivating. A PPC Agency can assist you in developing these messages and pages, optimizing them to convert more visitors to your website.

The effectiveness of a PPC ad is commonly assessed through two crucial metrics: click-through rate and conversion rates, both of which we will delve into in more detail below. Concentrating on these metrics enables you to evaluate the potency of your PPC ads and make informed decisions to amplify their influence.

Understanding Search Engine Marketing

1. The Power of Google Ads In Paid Search Marketing

Imagine showing your ad to a multitude of people when they search on Google. That's exactly what Google Ads accomplishes. With over 8.55 Billion searches happening every day, Google is the largest search engine in the world. This is why Google is a great place to grow your business online. The sheer volume of people who go here daily to find solutions is a great digital strategy to acquire new customers.

2. Diversifying with Bing Ads

We recommend starting your PPC strategy on Google Ads, but as your grow you may want to expand to platforms like Bing. After all, there are over 900 million searches per day happening on Bing, or roughly 10% of Google's search volume. You can create an account with Microsoft ads to start your next ppc strategy in digital marketing. Luckily, Google Ads and Microsoft Ads behave very similarly, so transferring ppc ads from one platform to the other is very simple.

Optimizing Search Campaigns

1. Measuring Success With Common PPC Metrics

In PPC management, success is evaluated by examining several key metrics that gauge the effectiveness of your strategy. Here's a guide to the most important PPC metrics to keep a close eye on:

  • Return On Ad Spend (ROAS): Calculates how much revenue is returned for every dollar that you invest. A 4x ROAS would indicate the business earns $4 for every $1 invested.

  • Cost Per Acquisition/Action (CPA): Calculates how much it costs to acquire one customer. A $32 CPA would tell you that your marketing campaign spent $32 to acquire a customer on average.

  • Impressions: The number of times your ad was displayed in the market. 1,000 impressions means your ad was shown 1,000 times, but does not necessarily mean 1,000 unique people saw your ad. The same person may have seen your ad more than once.

  • Clicks: The number of times your ad was clicked.

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): Shows the percentage of people who clicked your ad in comparison to the number of people who were served it. Click-through rate is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions that were served.

  • Conversions: The number of sales or actions that were completed in a given time. This can be the number of leads in a lead generation campaign.

  • Conversion Value: The revenue associated with those completes sales or actions.

  • Conversion Rate (CVR): Calculates the number of people who purchased your product compared to the number of people that visited your website.

2. PPC Marketing: A Data-Driven Journey To Maximizing ROI

Think of PPC marketing as a journey guided by numbers. From looking at keywords to spending money wisely, businesses need to use a data-driven approach in PPC management to understand where to cut or scale ad spend. Your marketing agency should employ a variety of ways to measure success, from looking within the Google Ads platform, utilizing third party tools like Google Analytics 4, and lastly, monitoring your true business revenue on platforms like Shopify.

3. The Importance Of Keywords In A PPC Campaign

PPC campaigns are a vital tool for marketers aiming to target specific keywords and audiences. In any industry, people rely on search engines to find solutions to their problems. Take, for instance, a business selling 'green socks.' In this case, running a PPC campaign becomes essential, enabling the display of an ad directly in front of people searching for "green socks", encouraging them to visit your e-commerce website.

Effective paid search marketing involves leveraging platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads to showcase ads to the right audience. By directing the right people to your site, you increase the likelihood of closing a sale, highlighting the importance of a well-executed PPC strategy in reaching and converting potential customers.

4. Targeting Specific Audiences In PPC Marketing

Crafting effective ads involves tailoring them to specific groups of people. Pay-per-click campaigns that excel in this are similar to making friends with people who genuinely appreciate what a business has to offer. Targeting specific audiences in PPC is slightly different from social media marketing. While you usually target users based on their search queries (like "green socks"), you can also refine your ads to show specifically for groups such as "females, 30-45 years old" or those interested in "pet products" or in the market for a "new home." It's crucial to target specific audiences to ensure that you allocate your valuable ad spend wisely and effectively.

5. Negative Keywords: Refining Campaigns To Save Wasted Ad Spend

Not all searches are beneficial for ads. For instance, if you sell green socks and someone searches for "green pants," the likelihood of making a sale is slim. In such cases, you wouldn't want to spend money trying to attract that visitor to your website. This is where the use of negative keywords in PPC campaigns becomes crucial. It involves specifying, "I don't want my ads to show when people search for these words." This practice ensures that ads are seen by the right audience.

In the given example, you could add a negative keyword for the term "pants" in your PPC campaign, instructing platforms like Google to not display your ad when this word is searched. Paid Search can become a money drain if not executed correctly, so diligently reviewing search lists and incorporating negative keywords is essential for cost-effective and targeted advertising. PPC management from an agency can help you manage negative keywords and improve your campaigns performance.

6. Understanding Click-Through Rate To Correctly Inform Your PPC Strategy

Click Through Rate shows the percentage of people who clicked your ad in comparison to the number of people who were served it. Click-through rate is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions that were served. Maintaining a high click-through rate is crucial, showing that your ad is exceptionally relevant and persuasive to compel someone to visit your website.

A low click-through rate might suggest that your ad lacks inspiration or relevance to the searcher's intent. Use this metric as a gauge to test new messaging strategies. For example, consider shifting your headline from a generic "Green Socks" to something more compelling like "The Most Comfortable Green Socks." Implement this new headline for 2-3 weeks and closely monitor how your click-through rate evolves over that period. This iterative approach allows you to fine-tune your messaging and continually optimize your ad's performance to drive more traffic.

7. What Is A Good Click-Through Rate In Search Engine Marketing?

Click-through rates vary significantly across industries, making it challenging to provide a universal benchmark. However, as a general guideline, you should target a click-through rate above 5% for search engine marketing ads.

To refine your expectations and strategies further, utilize benchmarking platforms like Varos. These platforms provide industry-specific averages, enabling you to benchmark your PPC campaign's performance against relevant standards to make informed optimizations and surpass industry norms.

8. What Is Conversion Rate In Online Advertising?

Conversion rate calculates the number of people who purchased your product compared to the number of people that visited your website.

A high conversion rate is a positive indicator, suggesting that your website is effectively closing sales. Conversely, a low conversion rate may signal that your website needs improvement. In such cases, using landing pages to test different messages can be a valuable strategy. Sometimes, a simple adjustment, such as crafting a new headline on your website that more closely aligns with a search query, can significantly enhance conversion rates.

To optimize your landing pages and improve the overall effectiveness of your PPC ads, consider working with a PPC Agency like PHUELED. Their Specialists can help you build landing pages which improve your conversion rates, ensuring your website effectively converts visitors into customers.

9. The Impact Of Proactive Campaign Management

Being proactive means being ready and not just waiting. In PPC management, being proactive means always checking to make sure ads are working well and making changes as needed. Google Ads campaigns need optimization each week to ensure the proper keywords, audiences, and bid strategies are used to achieve success.

Marketing Channels That Supplement Search Engine Marketing

1. PPC Marketing: A Holistic Approach

Marketing is a bit like fishing. You toss your line into the water, hoping a fish will nibble so you can pull them in. However, just like fishing, marketing goes beyond having the right bait on your hook. In online marketing, it's not only important to have a solid plan for paid search marketing, but you should also combine this with paid social marketing, web design, designing good landing pages, and email marketing to create the most effective marketing funnel. Bringing someone to your site is just the first step; if your website can't convince them to make a purchase, it's like having a leaky bucket that's not efficient for your ad spend.

Make sure to ask how our marketing agency uses a full funnel marketing plan. At PHUELED, we organize the whole funnel before our partners start working with us, ensuring the plan is easy to understand. This helps our Specialists focus on the most effective tasks for revenue growth.

2. Google Shopping: A PPC Campaign Game-Changer

Imagine showing pictures of things you sell right when people search on Google. That's what Google Shopping does! Including Shopping in your digital marketing strategy is vital to your success online. According to Pimberly, there are over 1.2 billion monthly searches on Google Shopping with an average conversion rate of 1.91%. That's why an e-commerce brand should not run ppc ads without having this as one of their tactics. It's a little cumbersome to setup, but a good marketing agency can build an effective product feed which will have a strong chance of showing in the top 10 list. PHUELED has built out hundreds of highly effective product feeds for brands with SKU counts as little as 1 all the way to 50,000+.

Imagine showcasing images of your products right when people search on Google — that's precisely what Google Shopping does! Integrating Shopping into your digital marketing strategy is essential for online success. According to Pimberly, there are over 1.2 billion monthly searches on Google Shopping with an average conversion rate of 1.91%. This highlights the significance of running Google Shopping if you are an e-commerce brand.

While setting it up a Google Shopping Feed can be challenging, a proficient marketing agency, like PHUELED, can build an effective product feed, increasing the likelihood of your products appearing in the top 10 list. PHUELED has successfully developed highly effective product feeds for clients ranging from a single SKU to extensive inventories of 50,000 or more.

3. Unlocking the Potential of YouTube Ads

Videos can be ads too! YouTube Ads help businesses show their ads to people who love watching videos. This is a fun way to get people interested in what a business has to offer. Plus, videos are a great way to describe more in depth products. For example, healthcare or educational products can be difficult to sell in one short search ad. That's where the power of video comes into play! Your company can educate users in a 30-60 video more effectively that a short written search ad.

YouTube provides businesses with the opportunity to showcase their ads to individuals who enjoy watching videos. This approach adds an engaging and entertaining element to get people interested in your business. Videos are particularly effective for providing more in-depth information about products, especially those in complex industries like healthcare or education.

Explaining and demonstrating these products can be challenging in a traditional short search ad, making video a powerful tool to educate users more effectively. We find 30-60 second videos work best for converting prospects, but 6-15 second videos can be used to increase brand awareness. The visual and auditory aspects of video content enhance the overall user experience and contribute to a more immersive advertising strategy in ppc campaigns.

4. Leveraging Social Media for PPC Success

Social media plays an integral part to the success of your digital marketing strategy. Facebook ad campaigns, Instagram ads, and TikTok ads are great platforms to generate demand for your product or service. If no one is searching for your product or service, you need a way to get people searching. Utilize social media marketing to build this awareness for your industry in a visual way.

5. The Role of Email Marketing In Your PPC Strategy

Sending emails is a valuable way to inform people about ads and offers, especially after they've visited your website. A well-rounded PPC strategy begins by capturing potential customers from the search engine results page, encouraging them to visit your website and make a purchase. However, if they don't make a purchase immediately, it's crucial to find a way to capture their email. This enables you to send them more information about your product, nurturing them and potentially turning them into paying customers over time.

To incentivize email sign-ups on your website, consider offering promotions like "Sign Up to Get 15% Off Your First Order" or providing valuable content such as "Sign Up to Receive 10 Tips on Finding the Comfiest Socks." Email marketing serves as an excellent supplement to any paid search marketing strategy, allowing you to maintain engagement with potential customers and build lasting relationships.

6. The Role of Websites in PPC Success

Websites serve as the online home for businesses. In the world of e-commerce, having a well-crafted website is crucial for achieving the highest ROI. It serves as the destination when people click on ads, and thus, it should be inviting, informative, and inspiring. Let's delve into these aspects:

  1. Inviting: Your website should radiate a sense of safety and nurture trust and quality. We've all encountered poorly designed websites that immediately raise suspicions. An inviting website is akin to entering a beautifully arranged home, enticing visitors to explore further.

  2. Informational: Your website should be a comprehensive resource, addressing all the questions a potential customer might have. It acts as a helpful guide, offering insights and details to ensure a visitor can find the information they seek easily.

  3. Inspirational: Your website should vividly illustrate how your product or service has positively transformed the lives of your customers. Incorporating elements like video testimonials, image reviews, and other multimedia sources can be a powerful means to inspire action and showcase the real-world impact of your offerings.

7. Crafting Compelling Landing Pages

When people click on ads, they can end up on different parts of a company's website, like the home page, collection page, or product page. Occasionally, a PPC Agency might suggest creating a landing page to customize the user's experience. This allows a designer more freedom to customize the message, pictures, and products for the specific audience clicking on the ad.

Imagine you're selling green socks, and you're not getting the results you want by sending people to your green socks product page. In such a case, your PPC Agency might create a unique landing page that delves into why your green socks are great and how they can make customers happy. It could say something like, "Experience the Coziest Wool Socks, Crafted for Warmth & Joy - Loved by Over 4,000 People with a 5/5 Rating." A top-notch PPC Agency will have the capabilities to design a landing page in house, giving you the opportunity to respond with client feedback.

How Client Feedback Impacts Performance

1. Why Giving Client Feedback Improves Your PPC Campaign

As a business owner partnering with a PPC agency, you're relying on them for your pay per click marketing strategy. It's crucial to share your client feedback to focus your agency in the right direction. This becomes especially significant with the ads your PPC agency creates. Your aim is to ensure that the ad messaging aligns with your brand's purpose and voice.

Great PPC agencies will schedule weekly meetings to keep you in the loop about new strategies and advancements towards reaching your goals. Providing client feedback in these sessions helps maintain a clear path towards achieving success for your business. At PHUELED, we make it a point to have weekly meetings with our partners and keep lines of communication open through Slack. We recognize that your business operates at a fast pace, and having a flexible, responsive marketing team is crucial to ensuring your success.

Is Search Engine Marketing Right For Your Business?

1. PPC Management For Small Businesses

Search engine marketing provides an excellent opportunity for small businesses to showcase their services. Platforms like Google and Bing Ads offer valuable placements for advertising local services such as plumbers, pest control, dentists, hair salons, and more. Additionally, Google and Bing serve as effective channels for promoting smaller online businesses.

It's highly advisable to leverage tools like the Google Ads Keyword Planner to confirm that there is search demand for your product or service on Google. If there appears to be limited demand, it might be worthwhile kickstarting a paid social marketing strategy on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. This approach can help generate demand and reach a broader audience for your business.

PHUELED stands out as a premier marketing agency capable of assisting you with both paid search and paid social marketing strategies. Whether you're looking to enhance your visibility on search engines or effectively engage with your audience on social media platforms, PHUELED has the expertise to tailor strategies that align with your goals and drive impactful results.

2. PPC Management For Medium & Large Businesses

For larger businesses, search engine marketing is essential for both growth and sustaining a robust customer base. A strategic PPC agency should utilize tactics such as branded search to keep your brand at the forefront of customers' minds, preventing competitors from poaching your customer base. Additionally, as a sizable business, you have the opportunity to expand your reach through brand awareness campaigns on platforms like YouTube and YouTube Shorts, allowing you to scale your business more rapidly and effectively.

The Future Of PPC Marketing

1. Responding to Industry Changes

In PPC management, the online world changes frequently. Being ready for these industry changes, means staying up to date on what is happening on search engines like Google and Bing. We recommend following the Google Ads New Features & Announcements page to track the latest updates on Google.

2. The Future of PPC: Trends and Innovations

The rise of AI, exemplified by platforms like ChatGPT, has brought about significant changes to the traditional online search landscape. Responding to this shift, Google has introduced its groundbreaking Gemini AI search platform directly into the search results page. While it's still early to predict precisely how advertising campaigns will adapt to these new placements, it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve.

To ensure your ad campaigns remain at the forefront of these developments, reach out to your Google Ads representative for the latest information on beta tests and upcoming features. Staying informed about these advancements will empower your business to navigate the evolving landscape effectively.

Meet PHUELED: A Top PPC Agency

PHUELED: A Top PPC Agency & Benchmark for Success

Imagine having experts who excel in the world of ppc marketing. Working with one of the best PPC agencies like PHUELED sets high standards to deliver fast and effective results for your PPC marketing efforts. PHUELED has a client focused approach to ensure you receive the highest quality service with ppc advertising, social media marketing, creative production, and web design. With a portfolio of satisfied clients, PHUELED is ready to help your business grow through digital marketing.

To ensure success, we recommend evaluating your marketing agency based on the following qualities:

  1. Proof Of Results: Request case studies from your potential agency to quickly gauge their track record and understand how they can benefit your business.

  2. Quick & Excellent Communication: Confirm that your potential agency maintains regular communication, ideally on a weekly basis, if not daily. Some agencies limit video discussions to once a month, which can create obstacles and slow down strategy implementation.

  3. Thorough Strategy: Make sure your potential agency has a clear, customized strategy that aligns with your goals.

  4. Audience & Messaging Development: Verify that your potential agency develops clear audience personas tailored to your offering, along with customized messaging that resonates with each target group.

  5. Value Pricing: Ensure that your potential agency offers excellent value for their services. A good guideline is to seek a group positioned near the upper middle of the price spectrum. Agencies with costs that are too low might lack the quality needed to achieve your goals, while those priced too high may not provide the best value, sacrificing your bottom line.

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Our specialists are ready to help you grow.

Founded in Maui, HI, partnered across the globe.


© 2024 PHUELED. All Rights Reserved.



Our specialists are ready to help you grow.

Founded in Maui, HI, partnered across the globe.


© 2024 PHUELED. All Rights Reserved.



Our specialists are ready to help you grow.

Founded in Maui, HI,

partnered across the globe.